Authentic Research Experience in Microbiology (AREM) is a modular approach to integrating genomics research into the general biology or microbiology curriculum. AREM investigates the microbiome of New York City across its boroughs, its streets and parks and across time. AREM is the first large scale genomics approach to understanding the makeup of microbial communities in the urban environment.

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Microbes in the Spotlight

DNA from elephant tusks reveals poaching routes

June 18, 2015     By Erik Stokstad


What Microbes Lurk In The Subways Of New York? Mysteries Abound
February 06, 2015
If you were seeking a seething mass of microbes, it’d be hard to think of a better place to look than the New York City subway system. >

Listen To Our Conversation With The Microbe Map Man
February 12, 2015
Have you seen the microbe map? At this point, if you’re a New Yorker, your Twitter feed has probably picked over it, your friends have probably emailed you, and you can soon expect a call from your mom worrying about the map of germs found on the city’s subway system. >